Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Daytona 500 live blog.

Sabrmetrics teaches us to question what we traditionally consider to be true and find true value through data. In many ways my discovery of sabrmetrics and the adoption of this core mission into my everyday life has really changed me for the better. If Wins and OPS aren't what I thought they were, what else am I wrong about? As this is a sports blog I can share that how this idea has changed how I watch sports in many ways. Certainly it has led me to learn more about advanced metrics in other sports but it has also led me to simply watch new sports. I grew up thinking soccer was stupid but I never really watched any games, I gave it a chance and now it's one of my favorite sports. I hated hockey and decided to watch it a bunch to see how I really proves it still sucks.

This brings me today where for the first time in my life, I am watching NASCAR. I have never had even the slightest intrest in watching NASCAR but today I am going to actually give it a chance. I will be watching the Daytona 500 and live blogging as I go. Feel free to tweet or comment at me with any thoughts about the race.

12:12 - I am watching the pre game show and they are making a big deal about the new Generation six cars. Apparently they are debuting all new cars this year. I have a feeling these cars won't look as futuristic as I hope.

12:13 - So what do I know about NASCAR right now? I know probably four of five drivers. I am aware of Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt JR. I just learned about Juan Pablo Montoya and I already like him, he seems like some sort of international gentleman driver. I am also aware that drifting exists.

12:15 - I once went to the Daytona 500 track so see what it was all about. It was closed so I went next door to (no joke) the adjoining dog track. It was exactly as depressing as you would imagine. I was their with my buddy who is a veterinarian which I thought would give me a huge edge. He informed he had no ability to judge which dogs were faster, but if given some time he could determine which had worms. Attached to the dog track is an even more depressing poker room full of people trying to turn their last ten bucks into that precious twenty bucks so they could afford a single lap dance at one of Daytona's many fine gentlemans clubs.

12:20 - Watching a short doc about Clint Boyer. He is driving around in a huge camouflage car with bull horns mounted on the front. He is describing how he hates offices and can't read more than a page of a book without getting bored and needing "action". This is both incredibly stereotypical yet quite charming.

12:28 - Seeing some familiar faces here, Erin Andrews is interviewing some driver who is talking like a real world housemate. He keeps saying he likes to ruffle feathers and cause controversy to see who's "real". I love these personalities already.

12:29 - Are their NASCAR stats?

12:32 - Zac Brown is performing, this is can get behind. Although it's one of his island songs which I am not a fan of. Also what's up with Zac's wool hat? Is this a trademark or is his head just cold a lot.

12:44 - Driver introductions on now. They are playing poorly amplified apocalyptic music and the drivers are very casually walking out to minimal applause. The production value is really low in this section, they are walking onto a tiny stage with humorously small fireworks going off periodically  They could learn a lesson from pro wrestling here... that sound's like Dave Blainey's music!

12:48 - Tony Stewart walks out boldly brandishing a bottle of coke and showing it directly to the camera then holding it up to the crowd. They should just announce him as Cokey Cokeart driving the Coke car.

12:50 - As Danica came out they announced her as the pole sitter. I know this has something to do with her starting position but the unintentional humor can't be denied.

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