Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Daytona 500 live blog part 2

1:09 -  Fifty Cent just tried to kiss Erin Andrews on the lips and is now following her around as they both fail to locate Danica Patrick, this is truly riveting television.

1:10 - Wow the Daytona 500 features a televised, pre race invocation. I have literally never seen that before a sporting event. Now a guy from Zac Brown's band who isn't Zac Brown is signing the national anthem, seems like an odd choice.

1:16 - How come tv technology does not allow me to just watch four programs at once on a split screen? This seems so logical to me. As much as I am enjoying the 500 so far I am missing, golf, spring training baseball and La Liga.

1:18 - Watching these drivers get strapped into their games is pretty surreal. Danica had tubes coming into her helmet for a purpose that was unclear.

1:25 - These guys have giant neck brace car seats and black mesh on the windows. Do they have any peripheral vision, is that safe?

1:31 - OK this race is finally happening. How on earth does this work?! They are just riding along in two straight lines? How does anyone pass anyone else?

1:35 -  That problem seems to have solved itself, the lines have broken and leads are changing already. This is kind of exciting.

1:36 -  I have no idea what I am even supposed to watching for. Jeff Gordon is in the lead but I don't think that matters. This just feels so dangerous to watch.

1:38 - They keep the race on in a sidebar during commercials? This is he best sports idea ever.

1:43 -  Their are commercials promoting NASCAR during NASCAR commercial breaks. IN fact pretty much of all these commercials reference the race in some way.

2:00 - Just saw my first crash. It was terrible, cars seem pretty wrecked and run off the track yet the announcers see pretty blase about it. I guess crashing isn't a big deal?

2:07 - So it appears that crashing does not out you out of the race, it looks like they are gonna try and patch up Cokey Cokeart and send him back out there.

2:08 - This in-car gyro cam really makes you understand how crazy the degrees on these turns on. It looks like they are driving sideways on some of them.

2:38 -  The dynamic of how the crash reflects the outcome is incredible. A few drivers who appeared to be top 5 favorites are now out, easy to see how upsets happen in this sport.

2:39 -  I am going to watch for a while and try to figure out what's happening. I will make sure to post some further reflections later.

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