Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gettin' to know Andrew Brown

You should really be watching more French Ligue 1 soccer. I know what your saying, even the French don't watch french soccer but it none the less is pretty much the only exciting ligue right now. The Prem is pretty much locked up at this point (and was kind of locked up pre season), Barca has a 9 point lead in La Liga, Juventus has an 8 point lead and is cruising towards another Scudetto and in the always coldly efficient Bundelisga, Bayern Munchen has a 9 point lead. Ligue 1? Three way tie for first! PSG (the Yankees of Ligue 1), Olympique Lyon (the A's/Rays) and Marseille (I got nothing) each have 38 points going in to the winter break. We still have a lot to cheer for in other leagues but as far as winning a title, Ligue 1 is where it's at. Oh and the Mets signed some guy named Andrew Brown.

Brown needs to get some better PR people because his wikipedia page is sorely lacking. He was drafted by the Cardinals in 2007, played in the Rockies organization and has generally been subpar. in 148 pro plate appearances he has put up .224/.284/.396. His numbers in the minors have shown some quality though. He played 100 games for the Rockies AAA squad in 2012 an put a very impressive: .308/.364/.597. Andy is entering his age 28 season at which point his talent level is likely entering it's peak so tin 2013 we will see if he is someone to watch or a career AAA guy.

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