Friday, June 1, 2012

The June Crucible

Welcome to the Thunderdome! Or as the Mets call it, the month of June. The Mets that no one believed in have put together two months in a row with winning records, in June we face one of the hardest stretches of our schedule. Let's take a quick look:

We start off with a 4 game series against the defending World Champion Cardinals. They are in 2nd place in their division with a 27-24 record. They also feature a Carlos Beltran who think it's 2004.

Second are the NL East leading Nationals featuring two frightening starters in Gio Gionzalez and Stephen Strasburg plus the offense of righteous bro Bryce Harper.

Next up is the 27-23 Yankees. The Yankees haven't look as indomitable this year but let's face it, they are the Yankees and they are always scary.

Next up is the Rays who are in my opinion, the best team in baseball. They have a 29-22 record to prove it.

Follow this with the Reds, currently in 1st place in their division. The Mets split a series with them earlier in the year.

Next up is the improbably 29-22 Orioles, currently leading the Al East. We can only hope their inevitable collapse comes before we play them.

We get a brief reprieve playing the worst in baseball Cubs. They are having a fire sale right now so by the time we play them Theo Epstein might be playing short.

We end it with the best record in baseball L.A. Dodgers. Reports seem to indicate that Kemp won't be back by then, so we got that going for us.

This month is important for a few reasons. If we want to stay in contention down the line we need to keep banking wins now. Also this is the month that will prove what the 2012 Mets are. Will they rise to the occasion and prove their success is not a flash in the pan or fall apart and show everyone they were a 5th place team all along. Frankly I'm betting on the Mets, as Don Draper once said I think these guys are going to swim the English Channel and bathe in champagne by the time June ends. Bring on the Cardinals.


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