Friday, June 1, 2012

Dickey at 10

R.A. Dickey is ten starts in and he could not be pitching better. Lets throw out a few stats about the Dickster

xFIP of 3.27, 11th lowest xFIP in the NL (15th in MLB)
ERA of 3.06, 20th lowest ERA in the NL (27th in MLB)
9 Quality Starts, tied for most quality starts in all of baseball.
k/9 of 8.49, 16th highest K/9 in the NL (25th in MLB)
7 wins, Tied for 2nd in Wins in MLB

Sure he walks some guys and gives up more home runs that I would like but he always battles back and has been an absolute highlight of the Mets this year. I said last year that R.A. was a top 25 pitcher in baseball and I stand by that claim for 2012 as well. Bring on the Cardinals.


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