Friday, May 25, 2012

Yu Darvish Check-in

Regular readers of the blog will know that I occasionally venture outside of the Mets to take a look at other baseball interests. One of my big topics in the off season was how outrageously good I predicted Yu Darvish would be. I advocated at several points the Mets spend the money to try and bid on him and now more than ever wish they did.

Yu Darvish has been absolutely fantastic this season. My feeling is that Yu Darvish hasn't been seen as a massive success largely because he didn't pitch back to back no hitters in his first two starts. Like any other pitcher he gives up hits and walks and in he tends to do both in early innings which makes him seem less dominant, but his numbers show an elite level pitcher. His current ERA/xFIP is 3.05/3.78 and he is averaging about 7 innings per start. His k/9 is a fantastic... wait for it... 10.13! That's well over 1 per inning. He is also issuing a lot of walks with a bb/9 of 5.14 but that is to some degree to be expected. Japanese umpires and strike zones are significantly different than American ones, he is already walking fewer each game and I expect this number will settle as he becomes more accustomed to the new style. I think he has proven he can succeed in American baseball and will only continue to get better.


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