Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is up with Mike Baxter?

Mike Baxter is screaming for joy over his high .OBP

For the record there is also a Mike Baxter who plays scrummy for Rosslyn Park, but he isn't nearly as good as baseball Mike Baxter, who is having an outrageous year. Baxter, for those who have forgotten, is a local guy. He is from Whitestone and went to perennial city baseball powerhouse Arch Bishop Molloy.

This season Baxter has 53 plate appearances and is going .378/.453/.600 with 2 stolen bases and WAR of .7 good for 4th highest on the team. I know it has only been 50 PA but these numbers are just amazing. Obviously no one believes he will continue to have an OPS over 1.000 and he is currently aided by an outrageously high .515 BABIP. When his current numbers settle a bit, they should resemble his career and projection numbers, which we look at below.

His career numbers are pretty good with a slash of .299/.382/.494. These are numbers that would tend to make me believe he can keep up his current success. ZiPS doesn't have him doing quite so good but still putting up nice numbers: .276/.348/.435. Across the board he is a good hitter, a great on base guy and capable of putting up a decent number of extra base hits. I predict Mike Baxter is here to stay.


  1. What is up with Mike Baxter?