Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wins and losses, meaningless stats and other musings.

Well the Mets started off the season 4-0 and then dropped the next two to the Nats. Maybe I am too close to the situation and too much of a fan to analyze this fairly but something strikes me about this team. When they are winning it seems like they can never lose and when they are down it seems like Reggie Jackson being on the team wouldn't make a difference.

Those first four games were the Mets I have been wanting to see for years. Our 1 through 3 starters were dominant, Wright was the team leader, Duda was hitting homers, Murph was putting balls into play, Tejada was looking like Jose and the bullpen was hitless, things were looking good. The last two days? We give up first pitch homeruns, we walk everybody under the sun, we lose players to injury with no clear timeline of return, we play lazy defense, no one can hit. Business as usual.

It seems it's always up or down with the Mets and it leaves me with no clue whatsoever what team we will see for the rest of the year. It's too early to tell, the one change I would make right now? Sit Bay, he just doesn't have it. I am not being a panicky fan ready to drop someone after 6 games, I am ready to drop him after 2 years. When is enough enough? When have we finally seen enough Bay to say he shouldn't be out there? Look I feel bad for the guy, from all accounts J Bay seems to be a great guy and real class act. Maybe he still has a future in baseball somewhere, but right now it's not as a starter with the Mets.

Now on to some meaningless stats. First allow me to say that I don't think any stats are meaningless, just the current samples sizes are far too small for the stats to mean anything.

Based on fWAR the most valuable player on the Mets right now? D Wright with .5 followed by Thole and Tejada tied for .4. That being said, why aren't we talking more about Thole's hitting right now? He has picked up 6 hits in 13 at bats so far and is showing some potential progress as a batsman. No one on the team has stolen a base yet.

Who has the lowest ERA on the team? Why Dickey of course although his FIP is the highest on the team with 5.84. The most used reliever is Jon Rauch and the reliever with the most K's is Bobby Parnell.

Bring on the Phillies.


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