Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday news: ESPN Power Rankings and the Niese deal.

ESPN released the latest updates to their MLB team power Rankings which you can read here . The Mets came in at # 27, not the worst but not very good either. Frankly I think the Mets are much better than 27 but I feel like people are totally incapable of cutting the Mets a break lately.

Currently the list has us better than only the Astros, A's and Orioles, all of which I agree with. In addition I think most people would agree that the Mets are better than the Mariners, Cubs, Padres, Twins and White Sox. I would move the Royals up and put the Mets right behind them at number 21.

Also it looks like the Mets are closing in on a five year deal with Jon Niese, currently rumored to be for around 30 million dollars. I love this deal. This is the model the Rays and other successful low payroll teams use and it works great. The Mets take a risk now on a not yet proven pitcher but lock down a guy for a long time at low money who might be able to make significantly more in a few years. Good for Niese, good for the Mets, nice trend to see the front office taking.


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