Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mets Notes

As we get ready for a rainy day game in Atlanta I wanted to throw out a few quick stats to ponder during the game:

Why aren't we talking more about Josh Thole's offense? Right now he is batting .370 which is third highest amongst all catchers (min 30 PA). He has a .500 OBP the highest in baseball for a catcher, 4 highest in the NL and 5th highest in all of baseball.

Only 12 rookie hitters in MLB right now are proving their worth with positive fWAR, CF Mets is one of them with 0.1. Captain Kirk is also in the top ten for AVG and OBP amongst all rookies.

As a team the Mets have the fourth lowest ERA in baseball with 2.91, they are also fourth lowest in FIP with 3.04.


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