Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live blogging the first Dickey start

1:10 - It is the first Dickey start of the year and I could not be more excited.

1:11 - Dickey's first pitch a strike!

1:13 Jason Bay sucks at defense and costs R.A. a hit against his first batter, way to go Bay, you are the position player equivalent of Mike Pelfrey.

1:15 - Dickey with an amazing defensive play, tags out Bourne at home. Remember he is the second best defensive pitcher in baseball.

1:17 - Jair Jurrens is the top Swedish pitcher in baseball.

1:26 - It feels great to see Wright homer, I don't know how this season will turn out or how Wright will do in the long run but right now, he looks great, the Mets look great, screw the math this team can win.

1:27 - Commercial for the Party City deck… I don't know about this, doesn't Party City seem kind of low end for a major sponsor? Are we one step from the Met's Dollar Tree berm?

1:30 - Uggla is 0-22 against Dickey.

1:35 - I still can't believe Larry Jones is leaving, it's like hearing that Doctor Doom is going to retire.

1:35 - Also can you believe Larry is still playing? I have been hating this guy since I was a kid. I wish John Rocker still pitched, all the classic Braves villains are going by the wayside.

1:39 - 7 of 8 position players to day are homegrown. J bay is the odd man out, as usual.


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