Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live blogging the first Dickey start part 2

1:48  - Kirk Nieuwenhuis is up, I simply can't go all season spelling this guys name, so from now on we are going to call him CF Mets, it will be like a late 80's Nintendo game that didn't have the license to use player names.

1:55 - Dickey at the bat, he comes out the Empire theme from Star Wars. Coming into tonight Dickey is exactly a career .200 hitter. This first PA puts him under the Mendoza line.

2:04 - Dickey's best hitting year? 2003 when he went 1 for 1 in the majors with a 1.000 BA. 2nd best was .255 in 2010 with 61 Ab, he has never hit a homerun.

2:07 - Seriously I am not going to be able to sit through a whole year of constantly watching the mountain climbing commercial on SNY. I will buy whatever product it is pitching if they agree to stop.

2:11 - Uggla now 0 for 23 against the Dickster, suck it Dan.

2:15 - Pleased to see Cholula hot sauce is a prominent back stop sponsor. Fans of Qdoba will known the wooden topped condiment well.

2:16 - I would be totally ok with a Frank's Red Hot party deck.

2:20 -  The first of what will no doubt be many Duda homers is hit.

2:24 - Twitter is abuzz with Duda puns and tweets indicating that HR would not have been out in old Citi.

2:26 -  Dickey with a hit! Mendoza line here we come!

2:27 - Are we calling CF Mets Capt. Kirk now? I can dig that.

3:02 - What is with Keith's weird leather jacket he is wearing in the booth? He looks like a 70's movie cop.

3:05 - I wonder if Freddy Freeman knows he shares a name with Captain Marvel Jr.

3:10 - Dickey is out, he threw 94 pitches, giving up 5 hits in 6 innings and posting a 3 ERA. He struck out 3 and walked 4.

3:16 Former Met starter and classic baseball journeyman Livan Hernandez is pitching relief for the Braves. Apparently he is El Duque's half brother, I did not know that. What happened to El Duque?

3:18 - Apparently El Duque is out of baseball but was still playing as of 2010 in the Nats organization, who knew?


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