Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dickey v. the Phillies

The Mets head to the city of Brotherly love and Sisterly Affection for the weekend to take on the Phillies (I am trying to start a movement to refer to them as the Sillies, tell your friends) starting with R.A. Dickey taking on Cliff Lee. Dickey has always fared well against the Phillies, below are some of his numbers against them.


In 6 games, R.A. has pitched 38 innings including a complete game shutout one hitter. His ERA against the Phillies is a crisp, low 2.61, his lowest against any NL East team (though he beats it quite a few teams outside the division). His H/9 are a full 2 hits below his career average and one hit below his Mets average. It should even further improve this year as the Phillies offense has been pretty anemic. Many of the top hitters in their lineup are gone, gotten too old or hurt right now, so I expect a low number of hits against Dickey (hopefully zero). His BB/9 are very low as is usual for him and his K/9 is above his career average by about a full SO.

Who was the best hitter against R.A.(min.10 AB)? Carlos Ruiz has managed a .400 BA against the Dickster. Who has he dominated the most? The Phillies best hitter right now, Hunter Pence who Dickey held to a paltry .167.

I will be in the Lions Den that is Philadelphia this weekend for the series, wish me (and Dickey) luck.


  1. You would be in Philly this weekend.. You probably love the Sillies. In fact, I bet you hold residence there..