Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Analysis of the first Pelfrey start

Regular readers will know I am not a fan of Mike Pelfrey, that being said I am giving him a fair shot and want to do a quick analysis of the numbers before I judge last nights start against the Nats.

Let's start with the good news, Big Pelf struck out 8 batters in 5.2 innings tying his previous record of 8 in 8 innings. This is definite good news, Pelf needs to limit the amount of balls in play against him and striking out a lot of guys is obviously the way to do that. That being said even in a career SO day, he still let up an awful lot of hits and balls in play.

In 5.2 innings Pelf gave up 10 hits which is 15.9 h/9, he also had a BABIP against of .556, which is just way to high to be effective. He only walked 1 batter but still threw 41 balls (about 40% of his total pitches) which is a bit high for a guy who is supposed to be able to go late into games. Had he finished his last inning he would have been awarded a Quality Start but was not able to get out of it.

So whats the verdict? He was bad, but not as bad as I feared. At the end of the day only 3 hits were scored against him and 10 hits allowed. That's not the absolute worst and its borderline OK for a 4th starter. The problem was he just dosen't seem to have the tools. People are hitting him early and often and putting a lot of balls into play, if he keeps that up he won't be able to contribute to the team in a positive way. Pitchers need to keep guys off the bases, plain and simple, and Mike can't seem to manage that.


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