Friday, March 30, 2012

R.A. Dickey is a top 25 pitcher

I have been getting frustrated over the last few weeks seeing fantasy drafts happen where Dickey goes undrafted, as a response I have been issuing a challenge that no one can prove R.A. Dickey is not a top 25 pitcher using a rational stats based argument. Here are some numbers I am using to back my claim:

In 2011 Dickey posted a 3.28 ERA, 25th lowest in baseball.

Dickey Posted a 4.9 rWAR in 2011, that's 6th amongst all NL pitchers.

He finished 29th in strikes thrown with 2101

He finished 27th in baseball for IP, with 208.2

He was tied for 17th in Quality Starts with 22 (the other guys he was tied with Buehrle, Sabathia and King Felix).

Further evidence can be found in some of my previous posts: here , here and here .


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