Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My 100th post

Thanks for reading Metsrospectus, for my 100th post I hope you will indulge some self analysis and retrospection. I know that many blogs have hundreds of thousands of posts but for me getting to 100 feels like a milestone. I have been writing Metsrospectus for 119 days, so I am also very proud of the pace. You would think it would be difficult to write a daily blog during an off-season where the Mets didn't do much, but I found it pretty easy.

I want to take this time to thank Matt Cerrone and Metsblog for linking to The Dickey Report back in December. It was by far the most read article on the blog after that link and really helped the site take off and get some readers. It also felt like making the big time. Metsblog has been my # 1 source for Mets news, discussion and analysis for the last 5 years and being linked on the site felt pretty great. In many ways Metsblog inspired me to start my own website (as I am sure it has many others) and remains the best sports website in my opinion.

As I go forward I will strive to keep Metsrospectus interesting and original. I will to continue to offer unique stats based analysis, Mets thought experiments and find new ways to prove how great a pitcher R.A. Dickey truly is. As always I welcome your comments, criticisms and hate bombs. Ever upward!


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