Monday, March 5, 2012

More from the Bill James Handbook on Dickey

As I continue through the fantastic voyage that is "The Bill James 2012 Baseball Handbook" I like to report out on Mets related items. Today we will take a look at some 2011 records held by R.A. Dickey. Specifically some records that are important but a little off the beaten path and James-esque.

Dickey was:

2nd in the NL for pitches thrown in the strike zone with 51%
3rd in the NL in pick-offs with 5 (Kershaw came in 1st)
7th in GIDP induced with 22, (Joe Saunders was 1st with 29)
2nd in slowest average fastball (min 162 IP) with 84.4 , (Livan Hernandez first with 83.9)
1st in pitches thrown less than 80 MPH with 2063 (next closest was Wandy Rodriguez with 1154)
1st in lowest % of fastballs thrown (min 162 IP) with 22.4 ( 2nd was Halladay with 22.6%)


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