Monday, March 5, 2012

Live blogging the first Spring Training game part 3

7:07 Ron Darling talking about going to Yale, yells at his manservant for spilling his champagne cocktail.

7:20 Val Pascucci is back, hits a long out, twitter seems to think thats common for him, I remain totally in the dark about the man.

7:25 Frank Frank is in to pitch the 5th, I swear I am going to make Frank Frank a thing.

7:43 The booth guys are riffin' on the University of Wisconsin system, I actually find this really funny, Not often you get Whitewater or Eau Claire jokes…

7:53 Burkhardt to Gee - Does the goatee have any kind of magic, any kind of stank?

7:58 Josh Satin does not have an intimidating name, I want Lance Broadway back…

7:59 Apparently Lance Broadway plays for Toronto and was arrested for beating a man in a nightclub. Woah, things went downhill for Lance.

8:04 Who is this Adam Loewen character, he kind of looks like Dickey.

8:05 Adam Loewen is in fact a Canadian and has an inspiring Rick Ankiel like story. Read it here .

8:18 Twitter seems to think Matt Harvey is a boring interview, were they hoping he would crack jokes and sing Fly me to the moon?

8:28 Love the kid patches.

8:33 Val Pascucci ZIPS projection for 2012 - .215/.309/.370


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