Monday, March 5, 2012

Live blogging the first Spring Training game part 4

8:40 For anyone watching on SNY, below is the full "somebody left the gate open" song that has been on every commercial:

8:43 Noodle House (it's just easier this way) makes a Castillo esque play.

8:52 It's actually really hard to watch a game and live blog it.

9:07 Apparently Lenny Dykstra is going to jail for three years, his career WAR was 41.4 (I felt like their hadn't been any stats in awhile for a largely stat based blog).

9:10 Going into the bottom of the ninth and down 2, I don't care if it's Spring Training, I wanna win.

9:19 Double play, game over, Mets lose. I'll offer analysis later when I am less annoyed.


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