Monday, March 5, 2012

Live blogging the first Spring Training game part 2

6:37 Jason Bay begins the year flying out, sounds about right.

6:39 Val Pascucci is up, I have no idea who this guy is…

6:42 Matt Harvey is in, he is the first Tarheel I will ever cheer for.

6:44 OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM ALERT- Matt Harvey will be the greatest UNC alumnus ever to play pro sports.

6:51 Burkhardt is interviewing Pelf, I don't want to hear anything Pelf has to say.

6:53 Pelfrey gave up two homeruns during that interview.

6:59 From twitter: Torres walks, singles, steals a base. His fWAR since 2010: 8.9. Jose Reyes fWAR since 2010: 9.1…Brilliant.


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