Monday, March 5, 2012

Live blogging the first Spring Training game.

6:01 Good to see Gary, Keith and Ron in the booth, Spring has truly begun. Ron Darling thinks a key to the Mets success is Pelfrey "keeping the ball in the park", thanks for that nugget Ron.

6:02  My apologies Ron, mocking sportscasters obvious statements is the lowest form of sports comedy. Keith, the 'stache is lookin' fly.

6:07  Ike is playing with valley fever, Wright is out with sore ribs. Does this make sense? Do we need to be risking anyone for a Spring Training game?

6:11 Bryce Harper is in, this should be fun to watch.

6:11 First pitch of the Mets season is a strike! Dillon Gee's beard is ridiculous!

6:18 John Lannan is pitching, classic fantasy baseball spot starter material.

6:19 Gary Cohen: Andres Torres was a folk hero in San Francisco…like Paul Bunyan?

The first run of the year has been scored at 6:22 Murph bats in Torres!!

6:27 Rick Ankiel knocks the first homer off the Mets for the season. Gee's no no bid ends in the second inning.

6: 29 Bryce Harper begins his year by singling off Gee, fuck you Bryce.

6:33 Bases loaded, the wheels are coming off already and it's March 5th, cancel the season…

6:34 No wait, we got out of it, the season can continue.


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