Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fare thee well Tobi Stoner

I have no idea what Tobi is doing in this picture.

I was away for a week on holiday in Ireland and the UK and returned to find lots of Mets news. Longtime Met Archenemy Larry Jones is retiring but if comics have taught us anything, he will be back, or replaced by a female version of himself or his own son (whose name is Shea and would be kind of bad ass). Perhaps the saddest news of all was that the Mets released Tobi Stoner.

Tobi Stoner has the second best name in recent Met history (after Lance Broadway). Tobi was drafted in the 16th round by the Mets out of Southern Garret High Scool (go Rams!) who retired his number, 13. He pitched only 11.1 major league innings posting a 3.97 ERA and a 5.55 FIP. My brother once saw a guy on the subway wearing a Tobi Stoner jersey, this event has since captured our imiganiations and has sparked much debate about who the jersey wearer was, the top 3 theories are:

1) Tobi Stoner himself
2) Tobi Stoner's Dad
3) A pot smoking Mets fan who got that jersey made up not knowing it was an actual player.

The mystery remains unsolved.


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