Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dickey premier numbers.

Dickey was perfect today in two innings of work against the Cards. He threw ten pitches, all of them for strikes and struck out 2 on three pitches apiece. Shit, this makes me happy. I know it's Spring Training and it doesn't matter but I just love to see R.A. pitching well. He usually struggles in Spring Training as he gets the feel of the knuckleball back. In the past two years he has put up of 9 and 4.14 respectively over 5 and then 17.1 innings. Good to see him come off to a strong start.

Johan pitched also, which is obviously a bigger story but not as exciting. He looked fine- ish. His fastball got up to 90 and his changeup was low at 78. He was a bit erratic but didn't look terrible. I think everyone is just happy to see him healthy, pitching and hitting 90 MPH.


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