Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mets looking at Kazmir Friday

The Mets will watch Scott Kazmir throw Friday but Sandy thinks a spot on the major league roster is unlikely. This is fine by me, assuming that we spend next to nothing on him. The possible upside is that he returns to his 2006-2007 (or somewhere near them adjusted for age) numbers and could serve as a middle to back of the rotation SP. It has the added bonus of being a mildly interesting story that the Mets might resign their once vanuted top pitching prospect (trading him before he was good and reacquiring him after he went downhill, in typical Metsian fashion).

In his hey day Kaz had some nice numbers, striking out over 10 guys per 9 in 06-07 and keeping a mid 3's xFIP. In more recent years he has either been injured or putting up comically large numbers, my favorite being his 17.02 ERA (15.1 IP) for the Angels AAA team and a so so brief MLB appearance, starting 1 game, going 1.2 innings and giving up 5 earned runs on 5 hits for an ERA of 27.


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