Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mets leadoff options

Their has been some chatter on blogs and on twitter about who the Mets should have in the leadoff spot this season. Terry Collins indicated that Andres Torres would be given the opportunity but most consensus is that the spot should or will eventually go to Tejada. Torres is a decent option, he has a career OBP of .318, which is solidly not terrible but certainly not good enough for a role that is largely centered on getting on base. The three highest OBP of guys who are still on the team and played a decent amount of time were:

Duda - .370
Murphy - .362
Tejada - .360

Any of these guys would make a fine lead off hitter with those numbers. That being said with his power potential, Duda should be batting a little farther back. Murphy makes an interesting case for a potential lead off, he has the lowest K% on the team at 9.9 but also one of the lowest BB% at 5.7. Tejada walks more (BB%- 9.3) but also strikes out more (K%- 13.3). At the end of the day I would probably put Tejada at #1 since Murph can hit better and will have more value in a deeper spot.


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