Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mets Futures Odds

One of the best parts of sports is betting and for the past few years I have been really intersted in the futures betting market. A future bet allows you to bet on a team to win the champuionship either before or during the season, often times at ridiculous odds when the teams are looking pretty down. These types of bets have been in the news a lot lately especially with the guy who made $250,000 on a $100 bet on the Cardinals to win the World Series (and another $100,000 on the NL Pennant). It is also a big concern in Vegas with the Superbowl coming up as some people locked in the Giants at 80-1 odds when things were looking grim and are now potentially seeing huge payoffs. My favorite story of the season is one sports book that at a point during the year was offering 5000-1 odds (that's 100,000 dollars on a 20 dollar bet) on the Broncos winning the Superbowl, which came dangerously closer to happening than I am sure they ever expected.

I decided to check the odds the Mets are currently getting in the futures market. It's important to note that it is very early for these numbers and they will change drastically as the season gets closer and goes on. We will revisit them every few months to check in. Right now I think Vegas has a little too much faith in the Mets. Of the two sports book ( Bovada and Vegas Insider ) I looked at they were currently getting 100-1 odds and 75-1 odds to win the World Series. This is similar odds to the A's, Mariners and Royals and better odds than the Orioles, Padres and Astros (who came in as high as 300/1). Teams that were slightly ahead of us include the Twins, White Sox, Cubs and Indians. The favorite to win in both books was the Phillies (11/2 odds) followed by the Yankees and Angels.

I think these are probably the best odds the Mets will get all year. Once the season begins and gets underway I predict they will go up quite a bit, so if you are looking to make a bold, risky Mets bet, I would wait until the All Star break to lock in better odds.


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